Search and Analysis


State of the Art Search

State of the Art search is an extensive and the broadest search of patents and publications based on a particular technology domain. This search provides perspective of the domain of interest based on the technological trends. Beyond helping you define the best IP strategy, it can help you modify your business strategy in light of competitive IP.

Patentability Search

A Novelty/Patentability search is conducted to determine if an invention meets the requirements of novelty, usefulness, and non-obviousness and is performed prior to the preparation of patent application. Patentability search and analysis is extremely useful in helping our clients take decisions with respect to filing a patent application for their invention. The study helps in ascertaining the probability of a patent grant to an invention and also helps the clients in understanding the scope of protection that might be derived if a patent is granted to the invention.

Freedom to Operate Search

Freedom to operate search, also known as FTO search, is a proactive step towards mitigating patent risks, and is critical to new product launch and thus it is important for companies to do it right at the beginning. This is conducted to position client’s product within the relevant technical field as reflected in the patent literature. An FTO search invariably begins by searching patent literature for issued or pending patents, and obtaining a legal opinion as to whether a product, process or service may be considered to infringe any patent(s) owned by others. Targeted FTO analysis helps the clients determine potential barriers to a product in specific territories before launching the product in those specific territories.

Invalidity Search

The goal of an invalidity search is to identify both patent and non-patent documents that invalidate one or more claims of a granted patent. The grounds for invalidation include publication of the invention prior to the priority date of the patent, prior public use, sale of the invention, prior public knowledge. Invalidity search can be used either for defending one’s own patent or for competitive analysis purposes too.

Preliminary FTO Search

Preliminary FTO search, as the name suggests, is the search which is done after conceptualisation of the idea and few initial lab experiments. This search gives an overview of the existing patent portfolio, so that there is no waste of resources and time. This search focuses on the active patents and helps define the scope of the invention.

Landscape Search and Analysis

Landscape analysis is conducted to identify trends in a technology area, established and emerging players, key inventors, geographical trends and more. Landscapes can be focused to extract insights on areas like markets of interest, potential licensees and collaborators, assist in mergers & acquisitions via patent portfolio analysis, identify key competitors.

Landscape analysis can be helpful at various stages through the course of idea conception to commercialization with goal and analysis strategy differing with each stage.

White Space Analysis

White Space Analysis is a type of landscape analysis that provides pointers to new innovation opportunities in the technology space via analyzing the patent activity in that space.

Infringement Analysis/ Evidence of Use studies

Infringement Analysis is done to find out the potential infringers and protect the product and is also done to measure the risk of infringement. Claim mapping between the patent and product helps the process. Also using reverse engineering technique the product is examined carefully and all the manufacturing and other details of the product are considered for this analysis. Further once an infringement has been confirmed, a detailed strategy and the licensing terms can be discussed.

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