Nucleic Acid & Amino Acid Sequence Search

Sequence Searching

Searching biological sequences (DNA/RNA/Primers/Protein) in the patents is a challenging task and requires special skill sets. For biotech and pharma patents, where a special sequence is mentioned, it will be an incomplete search and critical references may be missed if only a keyword search has been done. Hence a combination of both, a sequence search and a supplementary text search is a must.

At AvidInvent, our team has been trained to carry out all kinds of sequence related searches using free and paid databases. Also the technical expertise of our team members helps the customers with a complete search.

Sequence Listing

Biotech Patents disclose thousands of sequences. Listing these sequences in the patents as per the guidelines of different patent offices is essential and time consuming. At AvidInvent we can make these sequence listings as per the standard guidelines from the various patent offices.

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