Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution

AvidInvent provides comprehensive patent drafting and filing support for inventors. AvidInvent team has a team of highly qualified IP professionals who are also registered Indian Patent agents. Our team is well trained in patent drafting and prosecution, and can help inventors file their patents in Indian Patent office.

Besides being well trained in IP practices, AvidInvent IP professionals are also highly technically qualified and hold PhD degrees. Their high technical qualification enables them to understand inventions in depth, interact with scientists and help them evolve IP strategies aligned with the timeline of their inventions. To protect their inventions, inventors can file for grant of a patent. A patent application is drafted by professionals who have technical as well as IP expertise. Claims are the techno legal part of the patent, and we ensure that claims are broad enough to cover the entire scope of the invention, but avoid existing prior art. A provisional patent application is usually filed to obtain a priority date, before filing a complete patent application. A provisional patent application can be filed without claims, to get an early priority date.

Our attention to detail and personalized communication with the inventors, helps draft a patent which protects all the aspects of the innovation and thus makes us a stronger partner in guiding client IP efforts.

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